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Access Control Systems

Businesses are vulnerable to internal, as well as external threats, and controlling access and entry to designated areas is key to ensuring the safety and security of your employees and assets. Our access control solutions are able to track and restrict who goes where and when. Employing devices such as key fobs, ID badges, smart cards and biometrics, only authorized users will be allowed to enter your facility, or designated areas within your facility, reducing the possibility of internal theft and external threats, protecting your physical and intellectual property, and limiting potential workplace violence.  It will also provide you with a complete record of employee/contractor access with date and time stamps.  



  • Eliminates the need to rekey when employees join or leave your employment

  • Access can be activated or deactivated with the touch of a button

  • Restricts access to sensitive areas (i.e. computer rooms, safe/cash rooms, tool rooms, warehouses)

  • Creates multiple levels of access for restricted areas

  • Provides an audit trail of every attempted and successful entry

  • Provides employee safety and security during the day when alarm systems are disarmed

  • Mitigates the risk associated with lost, stolen or duplicated keys

  • Allows for temporary visitor/vendor access

  • Decreases liability and risk by limiting who has access to your facility 

  • Networked systems may be accessed remotely for off-site management


Our access control systems may be completely integrated with our other systems for complete security at an affordable price.  

Contact Security Innovations, Inc. today for a free security consultation.

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