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Residential Inspections

Even if your security or fire detection system appears to be fully operational, looks can be deceiving. While you can assume that everything is working properly, you won’t know for sure until an emergency occurs.  You don’t want to wait until you need your system to find out that it isn’t working.  

Security Innovations, Inc. provides testing and inspection services for your residential security and fire detection systems to ensure that you are receiving the level of protection you expect and deserve.  We will inspect and test all components of your system for functionality, perform preventive maintenance and make any necessary adjustments to ensure that your system is fully operational and running at its full potential.  Should we uncover any areas in need of attention or defective equipment, we will also make professional recommendations for repair or replacement while on the premises.  


Security Innovations, Inc. recommends annual inspections for all residential security and fire detection systems to keep them in top working order.  



  • Testing door and window contacts

  • Adjustment of motion sensors if necessary

  • Cleaning and testing of alarm system smoke detectors

  • Testing of any other alarm sensors

  • Walk test to ensure communication with the monitoring central station

  • Check system battery and any wireless device batteries

  • Troubleshoot any alarm issues

  • Update emergency contacts for monitoring central station

  • Complete written report of test results, findings and recommendations

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