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Video Surveillance

As a business owner, protecting your bottom line is of utmost importance.  Loss potential is everywhere, from shoplifters to false claims, employee theft to burglaries, and they all take a toll on your profits.  You cannot be everywhere at once, but a video surveillance system can be. Even when you are away from your business, video surveillance will monitor and record the goings-on, preserving important evidence in the event that the worst occurs.  Whether your business needs a one camera system or requires an extensive CCTV installation, Security Innovations, Inc. has the solution for you.  

Today's video surveillance equipment isn't the video surveillance equipment of yesteryear.  Our video surveillance systems provide a level of clarity, ease of operation, flexibility and cost-effectiveness never before available.  Offering remote access, off-site storage and high-resolution digital images, among other benefits, our video surveillance systems will bring a new level of security to your business and your bottom line.  Whether you are looking to update your antiquated equipment or install a new system, Security Innovations, Inc. can help you design a system tailor-made to your specific business needs.    


  • High-resolution digital images

  • Remote access from anywhere in the world through smartphone, tablet or computer to view real-time and archived footage 

  • Night-vision and low-light cameras

  • Covert cameras for recording without detection

  • Interactive cameras to pan/tilt and rotate for maximum coverage

  • Easy and efficient search capabilities of recorded activity

  • Integration with security and access control systems for complete security coverage

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