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Your home is your sanctuary, and Security Innovations, Inc. understands that selecting a security system to protect your loved ones and cherished possessions is one of the most important decisions that you can make.  With over twenty years of experience, we are here, from start to finish, to guide you in this process.  

At Security Innovations, Inc., our goal is to install every home security system to fit each unique customer to provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind that you deserve.


We believe that every family deserves to feel safe in their own home and strive to make home security affordable for all families.  To make that a reality, we offer flexible solutions to meet your needs and budget.  Ask about our payment plans and low-interest financing.  


Intrusion Detection

24/7 protection of what matters most

Protect your loved ones, your home, your treasured possessions and your peace of mind from the threat of intrusion, and know that your family is safe round-the-clock.

Laughing family intrustion detection Charlottesville Richmond Harrisonburg Security Alarm Company
Monitored Fire Detection

Round-the-clock fire protection

Keep your family safe from the threat of fire 24 hours a day, seven days a week with monitored fire detection, even when your system isn't armed.

Fire Truck Residential Home Fire Detection 24 Hour Monitoring Charlottesville Richmond Harrisonburg Security Alarm Company

This colorless, odorless gas is deadly, but carbon monoxide detectors will protect your family by alerting you and the authorities of life-threating CO levels.

Sleeping child carbon monoxide detection 24 Hour Monitoring Charlottesville Richmond Harrisonburg Security Alarm Company
  Carbon Monoxide Detection

   Deadly but detectable

Water Detection Monitoring

Avoid costly water damage and repairs 

Water damage repairs can be costly, but water detection monitoring will alert you to unexpected rising water, whether from leaks or flooding, to limit your damages.

Leaking water pipe water detection security

Temperature Monitoring

Detect changes in temperature

Protect yourself against temperature fluctuations in climate-controlled environments that could lead to damage and costly repairs. 

Icy Thermometer Freezing Temperatures Detection 24 Hour Monitoring Charlottesville Richmond Harrisonburg Security Alarm Company

Video Surveillance

Keeping a watchful eye

Watch over your loved ones, home and property anytime and anywhere with remote video surveillance for added peace of mind and protection.

Video Surveillance Camera overlooking living room residential home security alarm company charlottesville richmond harrisonburg

Smart Home Remote Control

Access your alarm/video systems remotely

Control your alarm system/smart home devices and access video footage and  while on-the-go through your smartphone, tablet or computer for added convenience and security.

Man checking alarm system and cameras remotely while on on vacation using his smartphone and app  Charlottesville Richmond Harrisonburg security alarm company


Protect your animals and your livelihood.

Farms and barns are vulnerable to intrusion, vandalism and fire that can have devastating repercussions.  Protect your farm/barns with security you can trust.

Horse barn farm security fire detection gate access charlottesville richmond harrisonburg virginia security alarm company

Residential Inspections

Is your system working properly?

Ensure that your security system is in top working condition with regular inspections and routine maintenance for complete peace of mind.

Service Technician filling out inspection report security service alarm company charlottesville richmond harrisonburg virginia
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