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Intercoms & Telephone Entry

When it comes to designing and installing a functional and effective security communication system for commercial applications, Security Innovations, Inc. is the clear choice.  

Intercoms and telephone entry systems allow you to easily communicate with visitors at any entry point of your building.  With easy integration with access control systems, these communication systems offer a simple and secure solution to protect your business, your employees and your assets.


Intercoms and telephone entry systems provide excellent perimeter security for schools, daycare, nursing homes, office buildings, apartment complexes or any commercial application where confirming the identity of visitors is necessary before granting access.  Systems range from single-door stations to enterprise-level fully integrated systems with multiple door and user stations.  Security Innovations, Inc. offers systems to suit any size or type of building.  

Video intercoms provide the same features of an audio intercom or telephone entry system but with the enhanced security of visual communication to easily verify the identity of the person at the other end.  


  • Convenient door release buzzers

  • Programmable keypads with combinations can be changed quickly and easily

  • Wired or wireless systems

  • Video intercoms for enhanced safe and security 

  • Full integration with access control systems for optimal efficiency, security and cost-effectiveness

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