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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you need additional information or have other questions, please call us at (434) 806-6469.


Q: Do you offer more than just security systems?

A: YES!  Security Innovations, Inc. is a full-service security company offering customized residential and commercial solutions for every customer.  We offer a full range of security systems, fire systems, access control systems, intercoms, video surveillance, network cabling, as well as 24-hour monitoring services, remote alarm access and a 24-hour on-call service department.  

Q: What makes you better than your competitors?

A: Security Innovations, Inc. is a company with integrity.  We offer uncompromising safety and security for our customers in a knowledgeable, professional manner with a commitment to customer service that is second to none.  We also offer a referral program to our loyal customers to celebrate and reward their commitment to us.

Q: Will having a monitored security system improve my insurance rates?

A: Depending on the type of system you have installed, you may be eligible for as much as a 20% discount on your homeowners insurance.  Please contact your insurance agent for specific details.


Q: Can you maintain and monitor my security system if it was installed by another company?

A: YES!  We service a wide variety of alarm systems and are able to switch most systems over to our monitoring service with no problems.

Q: What happens to my alarm system if I move?  

A: If you move within Security Innovations, Inc.’s service area, we can relocate your alarm system to your  new home or install a new system in your new home.   To reward your loyalty to us, we will provide you with a relocation discount of $100 off of the relocation service.  

If you move outside of our service area, you may transfer your security monitoring to the incoming owners for the duration of your monitoring period. 

Q: What if I have an older home?

A: No problem!  If we can hard wire the devices in your home, we will.  If this isn’t possible, due to advances in wireless technology, we are able to provide the best wireless equipment on the market today.  

Q: Is a telephone line necessary for an alarm system? 

A: With advances in technology, a traditional telephone line is no longer necessary in order for your alarm signal to be communicated to the monitoring central station.  Cellular and internet communicators can be used to do the same job as a traditional telephone line.  

Q: Why should I have a monitored alarm system?

A: Professional monitoring of your alarm system will ensure that your emergency will receive a response any time the system is triggered.  The monitoring central station will call and ask for a security passcode and give you the option of dispatching the proper authorities.   If you aren’t home or the wrong passcode is given, the monitoring station will dispatch the authorities immediately.   Without a monitored alarm system, the alarm siren could sound indefinitely before anyone responds, giving the perpetrator ample time to escape from the premises with your treasured belongings.

Q: How do I know what type of protection is right for me?

A: Security Innovations, Inc. will come to your home or business to assess your security needs before custom-designing the perfect system to meet your requirements.




Q: What are the components of a home alarm system?  

A: All of our systems are customizable to fit your specific needs.  However, at the very least, Security Innovations, Inc. recommends that you protect the doors leading into your home.  Most break-ins occur through a forced door.  We then look at additional protection, such as windows, motion sensors, glass break detectors, remote access and 24-hour monitoring, depending on the level of security you are seeking.  Monitored smoke alarm detection is also extremely important, as is carbon monoxide detection, water detection and low temperature detection.  Any or all of these components can be added to your system depending on your needs.

Q: What happens if my alarm goes off?
A: Once you have your alarm system set, either armed to STAY or AWAY, all of your zones are activated.  If a zone is tripped, your alarm will sound and a signal is sent to our monitoring central station via your telephone line (and/or cellular communicator).  Once received, one of our trained operators will immediately contact your home to determine if your home is safe?  If no one is available on site to provide the system passcode, the operator will contact the appropriate authorities.


Q: Can I turn on my alarm but stay inside my home?
A: Absolutely.  This is known as “armed to stay” and it arms all of the security devices in your home, with the exception of the motion detectors, so that your home is protected while you are there. 


Q: Can I have an alarm system if I have pets?
A: Yes!  Security Innovations, Inc. offers “pet immune” motion detectors for your security system.  


Q: Does the alarm system work when the power is out?

A: Yes!  Our alarm systems are designed to work with a “standby” battery that will operate your alarm during a power failure.  Your keypad will indicate an AC loss until the power is restored.


Q: Will my children be able to operate the alarm system?

A: Yes!  Our alarm systems are easy to operate and can be armed/disarmed with a key fob or by pressing a few buttons.  

Q: I already have smoke detectors in my home.  Why should I add additional ones to my alarm system?

A: The smoke alarms typically installed by construction companies are not of the same high quality as the smoke detectors that our systems utilize.  Besides being of higher quality, our smoke detectors are also monitored 24 hours a day, regardless of if you are home and whether your alarm system is armed or not.

Q: My system seems fine, so why do I need to have it inspected regularly?

A: While your system might appear to be working fine, there could be issues that cannot be detected just by looking at your system.  Our inspections will test all devices, check batteries, test the telephone/cellular communicator to ensure proper operation, walk test the system, clean and test all fire alarm smoke detectors and troubleshoot any alarm issues.  Security Innovations, Inc. recommends having all security systems checked at least yearly to ensure proper functionality.


Q: What is a “Low Battery” and why is this notification appearing on my keypad?

A: This indicates that either the CPU panel battery or a wireless device battery is low and needs to be replaced.  Please call Security Innovations, Inc. for assistance.  


Q: How do I clear an alarm memory of an event?

A: After an alarm event, the alarm system holds a memory of the last event to occur.  To clear this event out of your system, press "off" (1) and your 4-digit code.  Do this two times to clear the memory.

Example:  1 1 2 3 4       1 1 2 3 4 


Q: Should I test my alarm system?

A: Security Innovations, Inc. recommends that you test your alarm system weekly to ensure that it is in proper working order.  Before testing, be sure to call the monitoring station, give the rep your account number, passcode and ask that your system be put on test.  Once you are done testing your system, call the monitoring company back to have them remove it from testing mode.  

If you are unsure of the monitoring station telephone number or your account number, please contact Security Innovations, Inc. for this information.  


Q: Why didn’t someone call when my alarm went off?  

A: You might have reached the keypad with the correct code before the allotted time passed in order for the system to send a signal to the monitoring station.  If you have any questions about your alarm system, operation or would like to test its funcationality, please call Security Innovations, Inc. at (434) 806-6469.    


Q: How do I know which smoke detector activated?

A: In most residential fire alarm systems, smoke detectors have an LED light that will flash (usually red or green) approximately every 30 seconds.  If a smoke detector activates, the RED light will be on constantly and not flash.  



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