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          MODERN WORLD.  

In today’s on-the-go world, remote accessibility is a must.  Security Innovations, Inc. offers remote control of your business security system plus a host of interactive features to provide you with full protection and accessibility, whether you are at the office or on the go. Through the innovative app, you now have the ability to control your alarm system on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  


  • Check the status of your alarm system and arm/disarm your security system remotely

  • Manage employee user codes across multiple locaitons and easily add or remove employee codes

  • Set automated arming schedules

  • Receive "No Show" alerts if your business isn't opened on time

  • Manage multiple sites in one centralized dashboard

  • Schedule lighting to keep your business safe and well lit

  • Control your smart thermostats automatically and on the go

  • Receive notification when the thermostat setting is changed or a refrigerator door is left open to reduce waste and control costs

  • With image sensors, receive visual verification of motion-detected activity, alarm activations or on-demand


Whether you are down the street or across the country, you will be alerted instantly of any alarm activity occurring at your business.  This service is customizable to fit your business needs so that you only receive the notifications that are important to you.  Now, you have the ability to know when your business is opened, if/when the system is armed or disarmed and by whom or if your business is experiencing a power outage, among the many features offered with this innovative service.

Remote access can also be configured to send you reminders.  If you or your employees forget to arm your system when you close up for the night, you will be notified immediately so that you may take action.  Peace of mind at your fingertips!


Through the use of optional remote video services, you may opt to remotely receive images of specific activity occurring around your business - inside or out - on your smart phone or tablet.  This state-of-the-art equipment will keep you connected and in-the-know, even when you are away from your business.  No more wondering if your employees arrived on time, if they cleaned up for the night before they left or who accessed a secure room.  Now, you have instant access to this information wherever you are, whenever you need it.

This system allows you to set custom triggers to receive alerts of certain specified activities. For instance, you can opt to receive alerts such as after-hours activity, access to secure offices, when an alarm is triggered or a camera is disconnected.  Best of all, video footage can be stored off-site and is available for streaming 24/7, eliminating the need for DVRs and other storage options.   


Energy management solutions seamlessly integrate across your business and connects all of your devices into a responsive system that helps you effortlessly and automatically reduce energy waste and enhance liability control.  These add-ons allow you to control your thermostats, lights and sensors through the mobile app and receive notifications of temperature changes.  

This smart solution allows you to create schedules for your smart lighting to keep your business well-lit and safe at all times, decreasing your liability risk. Smart thermostat schedules can be created based on time and day of week so that the temperature automatically adjusts based on your business hours or other criteria.  You also have the ability to control your thermostats while on the go to ensure that your business is always at a comfortable temperature.  By placing sensors on a refrigerator in your store or restaurant, you can opt to receive notifications if the door is left open to help manage temperature, prevent spoilage and reduce waste.  With daily energy monitoring, you are able to see where your business is using the most energy and find ways to reduce consumption and save money.  


Smart energy management gives you total control whether you are working or on the go.  

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