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Water Detection Monitoring

Water detection plays an important role in any complete residential security solution.  Security Innovations, Inc. offers water detection devices for your home that can be placed near problem areas to alert the monitoring central station if there is a water leak or flood.  Water detection devices, otherwise known as waterbugs, are placed near areas prone to flooding or near a sump pump and are connected to your alarm panel.  When water is detected, a notification is sent to the monitoring central station, who in turn notifies you about the water problem.  Early detection is important to minimize costly water damage to your property.


  • Basements

  • Cellars

  • Storage rooms

  • Vacation homes

  • Any area with appliances that require water, such as washing machines, toilets, and hot water heaters


Much like an unwanted burglar, unwanted water goes where it is not welcomed.  By safeguarding your home now, you’ll save yourself a river of trouble later.  

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