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Environmental Monitoring

As a business owner, you are aware that disaster can strike at any time, and theft and fire are not the only hazards that you need to be concerned about.  Thermostats will fail, pipes can leak, the furnace could emit deadly carbon monoxide gas, the air conditioner might malfunction or coolers could break down, leaving your business exposed to potential danger or resulting in costly waste.  

Security Innovations, Inc.'s environmental monitoring solutions can not only reduce possible damage and loss, it can also save lives.  By constantly monitoring and detecting unexpected changes in temperature, moisture and gas levels, you will be instantly notified of any changes so that you can take action immediately to mitigate your losses and possibly save lives. 



Water sensors can be located in basements, patios, HVAC pans and around appliances where water is used.  They will detect changes in water levels due to pump failures, clogged drains or flooding and alert you instantly, giving you the opportunity to reduce costly water damage.


Temperature monitoring is useful for walk-in coolers, freezers, wine cellars, galleries and IT rooms where a constant temperature is a must.  Temperature sensors will notify you immediately when preset temeperature thresholds are met, allowing you to take preventive measures to avert costly food spoilage, harm to priceless artwork or catastrophic equipment damage.  


Temperature monitoring is not only useful for detecting high temperatures, it is also helpful in monitoring for dangerously low temperatures that could cause pipes to freeze and burst.  Common applications for freeze monitoring include clubhouses, pool houses and utility rooms. 


Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly to you, your employees and your customers if left undetected.  With carbon monoxide detectors, you will be instantly notified of dangerous carbon monoxide levels present to allow for quick evacuation.  


Combustible gas sensors detect natural gas or propane leaks, providing you with early detection of potentially life-threatening conditions in your business.


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