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Emergency Call List Form


The individuals on your emergency call list are an important part of your security and safety.  These are the people who will be called in the event of an alarm activation and are asked to assist authorities (police or fire department) to access your home or business.  All responsible individuals on your call list must have a key to your premises, be trained in the operation of your alarm system and have a passcode assigned to them.  In the event of an alarm activation, while on site, the responsible individual will be asked to re-arm your system once the authorities have checked and cleared the premises.  

Please make sure that all individuals listed know how to operate your alarm system (arm/disarm, what

to do if an alarm is activated).  Please ensure that they are familiar with the operation of your alarm system. 


Also, since the monitoring central station will verify the identity of the individuals on your call list by requesting their passcode, we recommend choosing passcode that is meaningful and easy to remember.  You might consider asking the individuals on the list to provide you with a passcode since they will need to remember it.  We suggest that they commit their passcode to memory. 


We ask that you periodically review your emergency call list information and make any necessary changes in order to ensure that the information is up-to-date.  To make changes, please download the form below and return it to Security Innovations, Inc. either by postal mail or by email.  We will update your list and verify with you that the changes have been made to your account.    


Please note that all changes to your emergency call list must be directed to Security Innovations, Inc. in writing.  We will not make changes or additions to your emergency call list over the phone.  

If you only need to make temporary changes to your call list, please use the Vacation/Temporary Changes to Call List form.  


    - Emergency Call List      

       Change Form


    - Vacation/Temporary

       Call List Change Form   


 Security Innovations, Inc.
 Attn: Data Entry

 PO Box 714

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